Job Opportunity: Public Works Laborer

PUBLIC WORKS LABORER – BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP, BURLINGTON COUNTY has an opening for a Full Time Laborer in the Public Works Department.  Public Works maintains streets, parks, leaf pick up and conducts snow removal.  Mechanical ability, operation and maintenance of specialized heavy equipment, and a CDL preferred.  Salary per labor contract with benefits.  Applications available on the Township Website or in person at The Public Works Office 266 Crosswicks Road, Bordentown. Bordentown Township is an Equal Oppurtunity Employer.

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2X/Week Garbage Pickup Through Labor Day

Residents please be aware...

Garbage pick up is twice a week Monday and Thursday till Labor Day 


Operation Safe Summer: Township Police to issue ice cream “tickets” in order to promote bike helmet safety

Every year, individuals are killed or seriously injured while riding their bicycles. According to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, head injury is the most serious injury and most common cause of death among bicyclists.

In New Jersey, anyone under the age of 17 is required to wear an approved helmet when cycling, roller-skating or skateboarding. Injuries can happen anywhere, including parks, bike paths and driveways so anyone and everyone riding a bicycle should wear a helmet.

In order to promote safe riding, the Bordentown Township Police Department has partnered with the Bordentown Creamery and officers will issue “tickets” to children observed wearing their helmets while riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc... These tickets can be redeemed for a small water ice or small soft serve ice cream from the Bordentown Creamery.


This program will kick off on Memorial Day weekend and run until the end of the summer season.

Acting Chief Brian Pesce remarked, “We hope to encourage kids to wear helmets in order to prevent traumatic brain injuries and also feel that this is a great way for local youth to interact with our officers in a positive way.”}


Amtrak’s Summer Track Repair Work & website

The following message came from NJ Transit:

The link below provides the latest information concerning how rail service will be affected this summer as a result of work being done by Amtrak at NY Penn Station:

Periodic updates will also be made available on our website:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Government and Community Relations Regional Manager Barbara Lazzaro at (856) 614-7010.   

Thank you kindly for your attention and support.

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Road Work in Bordentown Township for Spring 2017

bordentownroadwork.pngStarting on or about Wednesday April 5, 2017, the following roadwork will start in the Township. Notices (letter - [1 week prior] and a door hanger - [48 hours prior]) will be provided to each resident advising them of the scheduled roadwork in the affected areas.  The ten (10) roads noted for "Mill & Overlay" will be resurfaced and should be completed in 3-4 weeks.
Mill & Overlay Project
  1. Lexington Road
  2. South Colonial Drive
  3. North Colonial Drive
  4. Tidewater Court
  5. Reichert Avenue
  6. Philmont Avenue
  7. Fernwood Avenue
  8. Grover Avenue
  9. Carmen Avenue
  10. Bywater Avenue 
The  Road Program "Microsurfacing Project" of eight (8) roads will occur in May.  The placement of this material is more temperature sensitive and requires road temperatures to be maintained (nighttime temps) above 50 degrees.  This process will also restrict vehicles from traveling upon them for a minimum of 4 hours.   As we get closer to the date for microsurfacing, the same written notices and door hangers will be provided to each of the residents explaining in detail the work and limitations on parking/access. Notices (letter - [1 week prior] and a door hanger - [48 hours prior]) will be provided to each resident advising them of the scheduled roadwork in the affected areas.
Microsurfacing Project
  1. Hilltop Drive
  2. Homestead Avenue
  3. Roosevelt Avenue
  4. Liberty Avenue
  5. Princeton Court
  6. Delaware Drive
  7. Valley Forge Road
  8. Germantown Road
As always with temperature sensitive projects weather conditions will affect the  timelines of these projects.
The Committee is happy to share this good news with you and will keep residents informed of future projects as well.  

NJDEP Petition Procedure

Please click here for information on how to make your voice heard with the NJDEP. 


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How to Fight The Pipeline

What you can do to stop the NJNG SRL pipeline and Transco-Williams compressor station:



Letters can be mailed or brought to Municipal Building and will be mailed by the Township on the resident's behalf. 


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Take Action, Compressor Station Pipeline


Contact DEP For Odor Complaints

Residents of Bordentown Township who experience landfill and/or industrial odors in their neighborhood should contact the NJDEP hotline by calling 1-877-927-6337 to report the odors.

If you suspect the odors are coming from the nearby landfills in Pennsylvania, please be sure to also report the odors to the Pennsylvania DEP by calling 1-484-250-5991 during normal business hours or by calling 1-484-250-5900 after hours and weekends.  Residents can also submit an online report to the PADEP by clicking this link:


Reporting odors to the NJDEP and PADEP will help the township with documenting the incidents to the authorities that can lend assistance to resolve the problems. Calling the hotline numbers is very important because it will force corrective action.

In addition to reporting the odors to the two state agencies listed above, residents may also wish to consider reporting a landfill odor to Waste Management directly by calling 609-499-0500.  This number is direct to Waste Management.  By calling this line, your complaint should initiate a quicker response from their staff in order to investigate and correct whatever situation may be causing the odors. 

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