Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission is an official arm of the local government, established to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. 

Environmental Commission meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the Bordentown Township Municipal Building, 1 Municipal Drive.

We are looking for new members for the Environmental Commission. Please complete the Citizen Advisory Form online and email it to the township if you are interested in serving on this board.

The Green Team 

Environmental Commission Dates, Agendas, and Minutes

Environmental Commission Sponsors

Environmental Resource Inventory Update (1/30/14)

Moral Letter Opposing Pipeline (letter)


Roger Plew, Chairman, Term: 1/1/16 - 12/31/18
Aleah Hosszu, Unexpired Term:  1/1/17 - 12/31/19
Carole Cann, Secretary, Unexpired Term:  1/1/16 - 12/31/18 
Kelly Lozito, Vice Chair, Term:  1/1/17 - 12/31/19
Bill Grayson, Term:  1/1/18 - 12/31/20
Student Member - Thomas Hendrickson, Term:  1/01/18 - 12/31/18

Township Liaison - Deputy Mayor, Eugene M. Fuzy, CY 2018
Dean Buhrer, Director Public Works
Brian Johnson, Director of Community Development 


Environmental Commission and Township Committee Resolutions


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