Finance Department

Jeff Elsasser, Chief Financial Officer/Tax Collector
609-298-2800 Ext. 5479 • Fax:609-291-2105

Donna Muldrow, Treasurer
609-298-2800 Ext. 2106

The Finance Department is responsible for all Township Financial activity, including financial planning, revenue collection, investments, accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll and purchasing.

The functions performed within this department consists of assisting in the preparation of the annual municipal budget, maintaining accounts payable, preparation of bank reconciliation's, payment of bills, maintaining monthly budget controls, performing internal audits, and other related accounting responsibilities.

Tax Collector

Tax Assessor

Bordentown Township Employees can now utilize Paychex online lookup for paystubs and tax forms. Please follow this link and enter your username and login credentials for access.


 2018 Adopted Budget

 2018 User Friendly Budget -- Adopted

 2018 User Friendly Budget -- Introduced

 2018 Introduced Budget

 2018 Budget Exhibits 

 2018 AUDIT Report for YE 12/31/17     

 2017 Annual Debt Statement

       2017 Annual Financial Statement

       2017 Adopted Budget

       2017 User Friendly Budget - Adopted

       2017 Budget Exhibits

       2017 Introduced Budget

       2017 User Friendly Budget-Introduced

2016 Annual Debt Statement

2017 Corrective Action Plan

2017 Supplemental Debt Statement

   2016 Audit Report

   2016 Annual Financial Statement

   2016 Adopted Budget

   2016 Introduced Budget

   2016 User Friendly Budget

   2016 Budget Exhibits

   2015 Audit Report

   2015 Annual Financial Statement

   2015 Annual Debt Statement

          2015 User Friendly Budget

          2015 Adopted Budget

          2015 Budget Exhibits

          2014 Annual Debt Statement

          2014 Audit Report

          2014 Annual Financial Statement

   2014 Budget

2014 Adopting Resolution

2014 Budget Graphs

2013 Audit Report

2013 Annual Financial Statement (Unaudited) 

2013 Annual Debt Statement


2013 Bordentown Township Budget

2013 Breakdown of Tax Dollar Exhibit

2013 Breakdown of Tax Bill Exhibit

2013 Revenues Exhibit

2013 Bordentown Township Appropriations

2013 Surplus Utilized Exhibit

2013 Net Valuation Taxable Exhibit

2013 Net Valuation Taxable By Category Exhibit

2013 Top Ten Taxpayers

2012 Annual Financial Statement (1MB PDF)

2012 Audit Report (1MB PDF)

2012 Budget Data Sheets (9MB PDF)

2012 Budget Summary Data Sheets (84KB PDF)

2012 Budg et Graphs (1MB PDF)

2012 Annual Debt Statement (49KB PDF)

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