Red Maple


Red maples are one of the most common deciduous trees of the eastern and central United States.

Did you know? 

[Elementary School students]

Who likes to live in Red Maple trees?

Screech owls, pileated woodpeckers and common flickers like to make nests in the cavities of Red Maples

What part of this tree can be used on pancakes?

You can get maple syrup from Red Maples (however, Sugar Maples make more maple syrup)

What is the wood from Red Maple trees used to make? (1 – Wikipedia)

The wood can be used to make furniture, plywood, flooring and railroad ties

Can Red Maple trees harm animals? (1 Wikipedia)

The bark of Red Maple trees is toxic for horses and cattle who browse (eat) the bark

Red Maples are the state tree for which US State? (2 – State Symbols)

Rhode Island

Leaf:(3 – USDA) 


Leaf: Green Summer (4 - Missouri Botanic)


[Middle School students]

Habitat (where it likes to live) (5 – VA Tech)

Well drained soils in full sun and also in wet soils

Location: Eastern and central North America  (Zone 3 to 9)


Requirements (what it needs to live) (4 – Missouri Botanic)

Water: Medium to wet

Maintenance: Low 

Identification (what it looks like) (4 – Missouri Botanic)

One of the first trees to send out flowers in the spring

Gray bark on younger trees and darker gray with furrows when older

Twigs – have a smell (what does it smell like?)

Leaf stems - red 

[High School students]

Habit (how it grows) (4 - Missouri Botanic)

Height: 40 to 70 feet

Spread: 30 to 50 feet

Bloom Time: March to April

Bloom Description: Red, sometimes yellow

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Tolerate: Wet Soil, Air Pollution

Clusters of flowers or ‘buds’ that bloom before the leaves come out: (6 – Arbor Day)


Red/orange fall color:  (3 – VA Tech)


Samara (seeds): (6 – USDA)


Suggested Use (where to plant it in the garden and landscape): (3 – Missouri Botanic)

Street Tree – to provide shade for sidewalks and along the road

Rain Gardens – to look good and help shade other plants

Parks – for example - Seth Hand Park


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