August 2020 Newsletter

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Tractor Supply Ribbon Cutting

Bordentown Township Mayor Benowitz, Deputy Mayor Holliday and Committeeman Kostoplis joined members of the Bordentown Police Department and Fire Districts I and II in welcoming Tractor Supply to Bordentown.

The Tractor Supply opened officially on Saturday, August 8 and is located at 397 Route 130 North.

Tractor Supply

2020 Census Information

The Census enumerators will be knocking on doors and counting the uncounted households beginning this month. To prevent this inconvenience, please fill out and submit the 2020 Census.

Reminder: The Census allows a fair distribution of federal funds and federal representation. The Census is the duty of everyone living in the United States. Those funds affect our schools and infrastructure.

Bordentown Township is currently at a 79% response rate. Many thanks to all who have completed the Census. Please continue to help our township reach a 100% response rate.

2020 Census Information

Update on Tax Payments

Estimated tax bills for the 3rd quarter of 2020 have been mailed. Please remember that tax payments need to be received by Friday, August 21 to avoid interest charges. Click here to read the official Bordentown Township Tax Statement.

Update on Tax Payments

Environmental Commission Information

Bordentown Township’s Environmental Commission is participating in TerraCycle’s Zero-Waste program and is collecting non-recyclable packaging to reduce waste. This FREE collection program will help our township keep tons of garbage from ending up in our landfill. Please note that we have dedicated collection containers for specific recyclable items at the Township’s Public Works Recycling Center, located at 266 Crosswicks. Read the notice from our Environmental Commission for more information.

Click here for accepted candy and snack recyclable items.
Click here for accepted oral care waste.

Updates from the Bordentown Township Public Works Department

Bordentown Township’s Public Works Department offers reminders on bulk pick-up trash schedules and allowed items. Please read the latest reminders from the Bordentown Township Public Works Department.

Summertime Mosquito Information

This August will most likely continue to be warm and wet with an active hurricane season. To protect yourself and your neighbors from mosquitoes, it is important to stop them from becoming adults. This can be done without chemicals. All mosquitoes need water to breed and grow in. The adults lay their eggs on the surface of water or near water. The larvae hatch (left picture) and most feed on detritus. They then go into a nonfeeding stage called a pupa (middle picture) where the wings and adult features form under the skin. In about five to seven days they become adults. Only female mosquitoes feed on blood. They use the blood for protein to lay eggs. Not all mosquitoes feed on people. However, the ones that do tend to lay their eggs in small pools of water, such as cups, bird fountains, trash, tires and plant saucers.

To stop them from becoming adults, you can:

  • Remove water-collecting trash.
  • Dump, rinse, and refill water-holding containers every five days.
  • Add fish (such as guppies or goldfish) to larger water containers, ponds, and the like.
  • Make sure boats drain after rainfall.
  • If you have larger water containers, Mosquito dunks (BT-I*) can be very effective without hurting other wildlife. (Still not recommended for consumption)
  • Rain barrels should have fine mesh over the top to ensure mosquitoes can’t lay eggs in them. 
  • Water storage containers should be sealed tight.

*BT-I is a bacteria produced toxin that punches holes in the digestive tracts of mosquitoes and kills them. Learn more. 

Click here to learn more if you have tree holes or a septic system.

Summertime Mosquito Information

Meet Your Township Employee
Kim Wolverton

Kim Wolverton grew up in Hamilton, New Jersey but has lived in Bordentown Township since 1990 and raised her twin boys here in the Township. She became a township employee in November of 2004 and has currently served fifteen and a half years.

Kim is the Administrative Assistant for the Public Works Department. She answers questions about trash and recycling for residents and she handles the rentals for the parks. She applies for the Recycling Tonnage Grant annually and submits the Clean Communities Report annually. She creates requisitions for all invoices related to public works such as vehicle repairs, janitorial supplies, trash company services and county fees for dumping. She schedules all inspections related to the township building.

Kim enjoys going to Gift Auctions, out to dinner with friends and swimming.

Kim’s direct number is: (609) 291-2133

Meet Your Township Employee

Upcoming August Meetings:

Please be sure to check the Bordentown Township website for any changes or meeting cancellations. All Township meetings are being held virtually and login information can be found on the Township website with the respective agendas. The Township August Meeting schedule is as follows:

Township Committee Meeting:
Monday, August 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Environmental Commission Meeting:
Tuesday, August 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Planning Board Meeting:
Thursday, August 27 at 7 p.m.

Update on Township Events


  • Music in the Park, for the 2020 year, has been cancelled.
  • Shredder Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 26.


Information from the Social Security Administration

Although Social Security offices are not allowing walk-ins during this time, community members can still take advantage of the secure and convenient online services. Learn how Bordentown Township residents can take advantage of the Social Security’s secure and convenient online services.

COVID-19 Scam Alert from the Bordentown Township Police Department

Please be aware that scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and have been targeting our elderly population. Read the notice from the Bordentown Township Police Department.

Commercial Tenancy Changes

In order to better assure public safety, commercial property owners are now required to notify the Township and seek approval for tenancy changes. Prior to the sale or change of occupancy, the Township Zoning Officer must make a determination that the proposed use is a permitted use. If the use is permissible, the Construction Official must then approve the tenant change. Click here for more information and the application.

Town Hall Summer Hours

Bordentown Township’s Town Hall summer hours are
Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. – Noon.
These hours will continue through Labor Day.

Town Hall Summer Hours

Bordentown City Farmer’s Market

Have you had a chance to visit the Bordentown City Farmer’s Market? The market takes place every Sunday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Carslake Community Center – continuing each week until September 27!
Please review the graphics for more information.

Farmer's Market

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