Body Worn Camera Program

body-cam-keith.jpgThe Bordentown Township Police Department is pleased to announce the implementation of a body worn camera program starting on Friday, December 29, 2017.

These cameras have proven to be a valuable tool in enhancing officer safety, reducing liability, assisting with case prosecution and further promoting police professionalism and accountability.

The WatchGuard Vista HD device was selected for this program because it incorporates seamlessly with the Police Department's existing WatchGuard in-car audio/video digital recording system.  The cameras are black in color, about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, and display a red light when recording.   Please see the WatchGuard website for additional details on the device:

body-cam-device-shot.jpgUniformed Bordentown Township Police Officers will wear the camera near or at the center of their chest on the outer most layer of clothing.  Plain clothes officers may wear the camera on their belt or other outer layer of clothing.  The camera is black and is about 3 inches in length by 2 inches in width. 

The Police Department applied for and received an $11,500 Department of Justice grant which assisted in the purchase of these devices.

Chief of Police Brian Pesce remarked, “This body camera initiative is another example of the police department’s commitment to providing the highest level of police service in a progressive and transparent manner.  We will continue to seek out measures such as this to build trust with our community while improving public safety.”