Canine Unit


caninebordentown.pngThe Bordentown Township Police Canine unit is currently comprised of three handlers and four canines. This unit provides our department with various specialties, including explosive (Bomb) detection, narcotics detection, tracking, trailing, criminal apprehension, handler protection, article searches, and field searches and building searches.  Our canine unit provides assistance on a daily basis to our officers and provides mutual aid for surrounding agencies. We also assist with community policing by providing canine demonstrations and lectures for various community organizations and at community events. We have several breeds of canine in our unit and the breeds vary based upon the desired specialty of each canine. We have two German Shepherds that are cross trained in detecting explosives or narcotics and canine patrol work (Tracking/Criminal Apprehension, etc.).  We also have a Belgian Malinois Shepherd and Labrador retriever trained to detect the odor of narcotics.

If any community group or organization would like to schedule a K9 demonstration please contact us to make arrangements.