Commercial Tenancy Change

Commercial Tenancy Change

In order to better assure public safety, commercial businesses are required to notify the Township and seek approval for tenancy changes. Prior to the sale or change of occupancy of any building or portion of a building, the Township Zoning Officer must make a determination that the proposed use is a permitted use. To do this, submit a Proposed Business in Bordentown Worksheet.  

If a proposed use is deemed permissible by the Zoning Officer, then an application to the Construction Official must be made. An inspection will then be made to determine that all visible health and safety features comply with Township and State of New Jersey Codes.

The fee for requesting a Commercial Tenancy Change Approval is:

  • $180 if the proposed commercial space 5,000 square feet or less
  • $250 if the proposed commercial space exceeds 5,000 square feet


The application can be mailed to the Construction Office at Township of Bordentown, ATTN: Construction Office, 1 Municipal Building, Bordentown, NJ 08505 or dropped off to the Construction Office directly or via the drop off box in the Municipal Building lobby. Please include a check payable to "Bordentown Township" with the appropriate fee.

For more information, see Ordinance No. 2020-06.