Office Of Emergency Management

 Emergency Management

Nicholas S Buroczi
Bordentown Township OEM Coordinator
1 Municipal Drive
Bordentown, N.J. 08505
[email protected]
OEM Cell- 609-752-2873



The Office of Emergency Management Council:

  • Dean Buhrer – Deputy E M Coordinator
  • Steve Benowitz– Mayor
  • Eric Holliday, Committeeman, Liaison
  • Michael Theokas- Township Administrator
  • Brian Pesce -Chief Police
  • Captain Nathan Roohr
  • Lt. Frank Nucera III
  • Lt. Josh Pavlov
  • Patrolman Adam Edwards, School District Resource Officer
  • Fred Turek, Township Engineer
  • Tom Komlosi- Acting Fire Chief District 1
  • Robert MacFarland – Fire Chief District 2
  • Captain Keith Scully-Fire District 2
  • Vacant – Sr. EMS Supervisor
  • Dr. Trudy A. Atkins – Superintendent of Schools
  • Thomas Fryc, School District Facility Director
  • Robert Walder – Principal
  • Bob Salmons – Construction Official
  • Thomas A. Redwood – Director Bordentown Sewerage Authority
  • Roger Plew, Volunteer
  • Tom Komlosi Deputy Fire Marshall/Captain Fire District 1

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Guidance for creating a Household Emergency Plan

When you prepare for an emergency, Shelter in Place 72 hours, work toward satisfying your needs rather than preparing for a particular hazard. In an emergency situation, there are no guarantees as to what services and facilities will be available: but you will always need food, water, and shelter. Preparation involves:

  • Identifying your needs in an emergency,
  • Gathering a supply of materials that will meet those needs (emergency kit),
  • Knowing how your household will meet your needs (emergency plan), and
  • Knowing when to take particular actions to meet your needs (staying informed).

Preparation increases your ability to provide for your needs in times of emergency.

Following this preamble, a listing of brochures are available that contain more specific information to help you meet your needs in an emergency.  They contain templates intended to give you formats and plausible suggestions information and procedures you may need in an emergency. 

  • Emergency procedures are household specific; yours should provide a direct course of action for all household members to follow. While the plan template is broad in scope, it is not all inclusive and should be modified by you to suit individual household needs.
  • Update your plan regularly! People change schools, day cares, cell phones, jobs…Emergency planning is a process that requires continuous maintenance.
  • Keep a paper copy of your plan in a convenient location so you can have access to it in times of emergency. It will do no good if the current version is on a computer hard drive and the electricity is off! Keep a printed copy in a location where it can be quickly accessed in times of emergency.
  • Keep current copies of your plan with a friend or family member who lives out of the area. If an emergency strikes locally, the information within the plan will likely be intact and can be utilized by your friend or family member.
  • Review your plan with your household! Every household member should know where find a paper copy of this plan.
  • Cash can be King ATM’s may be not functioning.

The following information while useful in any location has been selected for our Bordentown Township Residents. To further assist Bordentown Township residents, contact information for general public services not limited to: the Police Department, PSE&G, Red Cross is listed below.  Some of the contact information listed is not intended to be used during an extreme emergency. The contact information is provided only to aid the person(s) completing your emergency plan.

Emergency contacts and numbers to remember:

  • 911
  • PSE&G Utility disruptions. Call 1-800-880-7734
  • Bordentown Sewerage Authority for sewer backups or emergencies within BSA district 609-291-2105 … if no answer call 609-298-4300 police non-emergency number  
  • Bordentown Water Department 609-585-3332
  • The American Red Cross 609-562-2258
  • Burlington County Animal Shelter 609-265-5073
  • United Way of Burlington County
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