Fernbrooks First Annual Run

First Annual Farm Run

Photo: Annual Farm Eun

5K Obstacle race over the hills and through the mud! 

Sunday, September 22nd 
Farm Run starts at 9:30am 
(ages 11 and up) 
Mini Mile Run begins at 11:30am (ages 6 - 10) 


  • Register by August 15th
  • $15 Mini Mile $30 Farm Run
  • Register by September 21st
  • $20 Mini Mile $35 Farm Run
  • Register at Event
  • $25 Mini Mile $40 Farm Run

Check-in for Adults starts at 8:30am SHARP 
Check-in for Kids is from 8:30am - 11:00am 

Lettuce show you fun! 
We hope you'll turnip to beet the herd
Race our 5K obstacle course, don't be a chicken... 
It will be muddy. You will get dirty. You will have fun! 

Contact the Education Center at (609) 298-4028 or email [email protected]