Fish Derby '14

2014 Fish Derby

Bordentown Township’s annual Fish Derby had 100 children participate on July 4th at Northern Community Park and parents attended as well. It was well over 300 people in attendance.
We had one category this year which was the “Largest Fish Caught”. We had several winners that day!
The following were winners and received a trophy:

  1. 22” Zander Gorlin
  2. 12” Michael Bisceglie
  3. 11” Amberlyn Wilson
  4. 10.5” Ryan Scheaf
  5. 9.5” Emily Klena

Every child who participated received a green ribbon of participation from the township and a certificate presented by the Mercer County Angler Association. Many children won gift certificates donated from Sportsmen Center and rods donated from the Mercer County Angler Association. Our Mr. Ron Jacobson from the Department of Fish & Wildlife, Hackettstown Fish Hatchery was on site to teach the children about fishing and stocked the pond that day.