Hurricane Joaquin Information

NWS Tropical Storm Joaquin has become a hurricane9/30/2015 today. Joaquin continues to strengthen as a Hurricane with maximum sustained winds were up to 115 mph. Joaquin will eventually take a more northerly turn later this week with possible impact to the east coast. Hurricane Joaquin is in open waters, 240 miles east-northeast of the central Bahamas Currently the NWS has the cone of uncertainty pointed at us. Most likely that it will change several times before Saturday into Sunday night. Overnight we received between 1 and 2 inches of with more expected Friday. Burlington County Office of Emergency Management has now notified all the communities in Burlington County to prepare our community and municipal staff for the possibility of heavy rains and wind this weekend into early next week. Below are some critical checklist items to review in preparation for an emergency.

Andrew  Law, OEM

[email protected]


All residents are requested to shelter in place for the first 72 hours after the event.

  • Emergency dial 911
  • Water: At least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to seven days
  • Food: enough for at least 3 to 7 days
  • Clothing: seasonal/rain gear/sturdy shoes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Duct Tape
  • Batteries
  • Cash
  • Important documents – locate in waterproof container
  • Pictures of family members and pets
  • Collar pets with names and addresses/phone number
  • Vehicle fuel tanks
  • Pet care items
  • Radio: listen to NOAA and weather broadcasts for emergency information