Mayor's Message on Township Master Plan

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In 2017, the Township began a re-examination of our Master Plan, in accordance with New Jersey statute and best practices.  Two public sessions were held, and we collected significant community input regarding zoning, areas of needed redevelopment, traffic issues, and others.  The Township Planner also met with our Economic Development Advisory Committee and received significant input from them as well.

This year, both the Township Committee and the Township Planning Board will be working diligently with our professionals and staff on completing this re-examination.  As you are all aware, the Township has seen significant growth in the past few years, and we anticipate interest in our community will continue to increase.  The Master Plan is the presiding document that will guide us toward successful future development and ensure the quality of life for all residents will be improved. 

Many of you have heard me promote “Bordentown Township- Crossroads of the Heart of New Jersey”.  As this has become more prominent, the importance of having a solid plan has grown.  Residents can be confident that the process by which we are re-examining and adopting the Township Master Plan is thorough and professional, and will set the stage for success in 2018 and beyond.

Respectfully, your Mayor,  Stephen Benowitz