Mayor's Statement Regarding May 6, 2014 Incident

Mayor Stephen Benowitz released the following statement on May 15, 2014 regarding the May 6, 2014 incident involving Police Chief Frank Nucera.

We are happy to report that Chief Frank Nucera is recovering nicely from the wound that he sustained on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Although, he is resting at home he has been in touch with Township Officials by telephone and is keeping abreast of Township business. I have spoken with him on a daily basis. He is a dedicated employee and he hopes to return to work, on at least reduced number of hours, in another week, after he is cleared by his physicians.

Township business is being conducted as usual which is a testimony to Chief Nucera’s administrative skills. I want to thank all of our employees for their efforts both personally and on behalf of the Township Committee.

While we cannot comment on any specifics regarding Chief Nucera’s injuries due to the ongoing investigation, we have been assured that there is nothing to indicate any breach of security or there are any new security measures that need to be implemented as per the Burlington County Prosecutors office.

The safety of our employees and our residents is a priority and Bordentown Township was among the very first municipalities to implement metal screening for all who come to the municipal building, in the same manner as security screening is done at Federal, State and County offices.