New Municipal Complex

May 22, 2023 -- Marc Coan, Principal at IEI Architects, presented to the Township Committee an update on the site plan and building design. The next steps will involve estimating the proposed costs and the interior design. 

May 22, 2023 New Municipal Complex Presentation

February 27, 2023 -- The following presentation was made at the Township Committee meeting outlining the concept plan for the new municipal complex. The preferred concept plan (Plan Option #2B) is a two-story facility that will connect to the existing Senior Community Center. The Senior Community Center will be upgraded, modernized, and refurbished to match the future newly constructed building. The construction of a two-story building has several benefits, including a more efficient and cost effective construction,  a smaller building footprint to allow for greater impervious ground cover (more green space), and provides an opportunity for future expansions and improvements if needed. Strong planning consideration was given to minimize disrupting current operations while the new building is being constructed. The goal is to construct the new facility while maintaining current operations. Once complete, the new complex will be not only the focal point of municipal services, but a public gathering and open space location for all residents of the Township. 

February 27, 2023 New Municipal Complex Presentation

Conceptual Site Plan Option #2B

Project Timeline:  As of April 2023


The Township of Bordentown proposes to construct a new municipal complex to replace its current facilities located at 1 Municipal Drive in Bordentown Township. Expansion of the existing facility was considered but was determined not to be a cost-effective option. The Township services have long outgrown the current facility, and studies proved the need for an expanded and modernized facility. The new complex will house all municipal departments, including police and municipal court, as well as a senior citizen community center.

The Township previously engaged an architectural firm which designed a single one-story building for an alternate site in the Township. Since the completion of that design, the Township re-evaluated the selected site and has determined that the preferred location is 1 Municipal Drive. Additional parcels to be included in the project include the gravel parking lot behind the current building at 1 Municipal Drive, 3 Municipal Drive (existing Senior Community Center), 803 Farnsworth Avenue (vacant residential home purchased by the Township) and 765 Farnsworth Avenue (vacant restaurant purchased by the Township).

The Township’s goal is to create a “municipal complex” consisting of buildings for municipal operations and parking as well as public amenities. The Township has set aside funding for this project and is prepared to begin the process immediately.

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