Red Maple



Red maples are one of the most common deciduous trees of the Eastern and Central United States.

Did you know? 

[Elementary School students]

Who likes to live in Red Maple trees?

*  Screech owls, pileated woodpeckers and common flickers like to make nests in the cavities of Red Maples.

What part of this tree can be used on pancakes?

*  You can get maple syrup from Red Maples (however, Sugar Maples make more maple syrup).

What is the wood from Red Maple trees used to make? (1 – Wikipedia)

*  The wood can be used to make furniture, plywood, flooring and railroad ties.

Can Red Maple trees harm animals? (1 Wikipedia)

*  The bark of Red Maple trees is toxic for horses and cattle who browse (eat) the bark.

Red Maples are the state tree for which US State? (2 – State Symbols)

*  Rhode Island

3 – USDA) 
Leaf: Green Summer
4 - Missouri Botanic) 


[Middle School students]

Habitat (where it likes to live) (5 – VA Tech)

*  Well drained soils in full sun and also in wet soils
*  Location: Eastern and central North America  (Zone 3 to 9)


Requirements (what it needs to live) (4 – Missouri Botanic)

*  Water: Medium to wet
*  Maintenance: Low 

Identification (what it looks like) (4 – Missouri Botanic)

*  One of the first trees to send out flowers in the spring
*  Gray bark on younger trees and darker gray with furrows when older
*  Twigs – have a smell (what does it smell like?)
*  Leaf stems - red 

[High School students]

Habit (how it grows) (4 - Missouri Botanic)

Height: 40 to 70 feet
*  Spread: 30 to 50 feet
*  Bloom Time: March to April
*  Bloom Description: Red, sometimes yellow
*  Sun: Full sun to part shade
*  Tolerate: Wet Soil, Air Pollution

Clusters of flowers 
or ‘buds’ that bloom
before the leaves come out:
(6 – Arbor Day

Red/orange fall color:
(3 – VA Tech)


Samara (seeds):
(6 – USDA)


clusterofflowers.png redorangefallcolor.png samaraseeds.png

Suggested Use (where to plant it in the garden and landscape): (3 – Missouri Botanic)

*  Street Tree – to provide shade for sidewalks and along the road
*  Rain Gardens – to look good and help shade other plants
*  Parks – for example - Seth Hand Park


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