TO REPORT POT HOLES, MISSING OR BROKEN STREET SIGNS OR OTHER TOWNSHIP ROAD HAZARDS, CALL 609-291-2133! The faster that the Township is notified of troublesome areas, the quicker they can be addressed. We appreciate your assistance in these matters. 

The following roads are County Roads:  Route 545 (Georgetown Road/Farnsworth Road), Route 528 (Crosswicks Road/Bordentown-Chesterfield Road), Route 662 (Burlington-Bordentown Road) and Route 660 (Old York Road). The Burlington County Division of Roads and Bridges (formerly, the Highway Department) is responsible for repairing and correcting any hazard or complaints that affect the road system, such as drainage, road repair, mowing, and snow removal. Click here to report a County Road Concern (including pot holes).

The following roads are State Roads: State Highways 130, 295, 206, Rising Sun Road Between Routes 206 and 130. For State Highway concerns, contact the Department of Transportation.

Snow Plowing

The main arteries of Township roads are the first priority of the Department of Public Works.  Main arteries will be sanded and salted before secondary roads. 

Plowing occurs when 2 to 3 inches or more of snow has fallen.

Road Opening Permits - Road Opening Permit Application 

Contractors are required to obtain a Road Opening permit from the Township prior to cutting or excavating the road surface on any Township street. Road Opening Permit Applications must be filed with the Department of Public Works in advance and must have an approved Traffic Control Plan from the Bordentown Township Police Department . A 48-hour notice  is required before excavating can begin. Failure to notify the Department prior to excavation may result in back filling operations and/or pavement restoration to be rejected. No permits will be issued with out the approved traffic plan! 

Fee Schedule For Road Opening Permits

Restoration Deposit