Roads and Infrastructure :

  • Snow Plowing: During the times of snow, Public Works sand and salt the main arteries first, then the secondary roads will be done. Plowing occurs when 2 to 3 inches or more of snow has fallen.
  • Complaints: To report pot holes, missing or broken street signs, or other road hazards, please call 609-291-2133.

Road Opening Permits

Contractors are required to obtain a Road Opening permit from the Township prior to cutting or excavating the road surface on any Township street. Permit applications must be filed in advance, and a 48-hour notice to the Public Works Department is required before excavating can begin. Failure to notify the Department prior to excavation may result in back filling operations and/or pavement restoration to be rejected. ALL REQUESTS FOR ROAD OPENING PERMITS MUST HAVE AN APPROVED TRAFFIC CONTROL PLAN FROM THE POLICE DEPARTMENT BEFORE A ROAD OPENING PERMIT WILL BE ISSUED.

Fee Schedule For Road Opening Permits

(square feet)
Restoration Deposit

For any opening over 500 square feet, or should the Township determine that the nature and/or duration of the opening requires that an inspector be present during the operation, the Permit Fees, Inspection Fees, and Restoration Deposit shall be determined by the Township Engineer and the Director of Public Works.