Bordentown Township Senior Citizens Club


3 Municipal Drive
Bordentown NJ 08505 
Angel Sauro, Coordinator 
609-298-2800, Ext. 2109


FREE Senior Services Burlington County   (FLYER)

Senior Meetings 2018 (Dates)

Doors Open at 11:00a.m. Meetings at 1:00p.m.

Officers (2018)

Chuck Klosinski, President

Nick D'Angelo, Vice President

Ellen Benowitz, Secretary

Dot Sherman, Treasurer

Roger Kafer, Trustee

Mary Ann Rosie, Trustee

Margaret Curatolo, Sunshine Club

Reggie Klosinski, Sargent of Arms


Liasion Mayor Steve Benowitz


2018 Charity Outreach

Hearts United Against Cancer, Inc.

The Bordentown Twp. Senior Citizens Club have donated over 50 blankets
and many stuffed animals and other items to being joy to others. 


Bookbag Outreach to Peter Muschal School August 2017

  • seniorbookbags.png

  • Bordentown Township Seniors donate to the Masonic Home Easter Baskets
    April 2017
    seniormasonic1.jpg seniormasonic2.jpg seniormasonic3.jpg seniormasonic4.jpg 

  • Christmas Outreach, Hearts united against Cancer December 2016

  • August 20, 2016 Senior Picnic

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  • 45 filled book bags donated by Bordentown Township Senior Citizens Group


  • Senior Anniversary Party May 6


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May 2016 Outreach




Easter Basket Donation March 2016 



Bordentown Township Senior Citizen's Club Re-Organization
January 6, 2015





  • JANUARY 4 & 18
  • FEBRUARY 1 & 15
  • MARCH 7 & 21
  • APRIL 4 & 18
  • MAY 2 & 16
  • JUNE 6 & 20
  • JULY 5 & 18
  • AUGUST 1 & 15
  • SEPTEMBER 6 & 19
  • OCTOBER 3 & 17
  • NOVEMBER 7 & 21
  • DECEMBER 5 & 19


2014 Christmas Party

May Senior Citizens Month

Senior Police Academy Graduation Ceremony

Senior Outreach to Compassionate Care Hospice.


Bordentown Township Senior Citizens Group graduate from their six week Prevention Plus Class.




At a Christmas Luncheon and installation of officers, held on December 14, 1976, outgoing President Anna Nitschman gave a speech, wherein she stated that, "on April 17, 1975 a total of 14 of us got together for an informal meeting to start our club, and today we have 68 members.
Some of the original 14 members were:
  1. Ada Bowker
  2. Wendel Flesh
  3. Harriett Heisler
  4. Ada Innocenzi
  5. Lena McCue
  6. Anna Nitschman - President
  7. Helen Pieslak
  8. John Radler
  9. Theresa Radler
  10. Lena Scaccetti
  11. Mildred Taylor
  12. Warren Taylor

Meeting Places
As the club grew, the meeting sites changed. Members met in the Municipal Building, the American Legion, the Community Room in the Bank of Mid-Jersey, the Derby Fire House, different churches and individual homes.
Certificate of Incorporation
On July 29, 1980 our club obtained a Certificate of Incorporation. This allowed the club to proceed to try to obtain $1,000 from a Federal Grant for the Senior Club.
New Senior Citizen's Center
At a business meeting held on June 7, 1993, Joseph Camarda mentioned that the Township was working on obtaining a grant to erect a Senior Citizen's Center. George Hanuschik and David Rein attended many meetings and reported the progress to our Club. The Township was awarded a Small City Grant in the amount of $400,000 on June 9, 1995. A Bond ordinance for construction was awarded in the amount of $294,000, ground-breaking ceremony took place on September 26, 1996, and our new building was erected on August 29, 1997.
Presently, meetings are held the first and third Mondays of the month. The first Monday meeting is a Buisness meeting and the third Monday Meeting is a Social meeting. Both of these meetings are followed by bingo and card games. At times, entertainment or a guest speaker is provided. 
Any resident of Bordentown Township is eligible for membership. Our membership has grown from 14 members in 1975 to 203 in 2013. The dues were $2.00/year in 1978, and are now $5.00 a year in 2013. 
Charitable Activities
Our seniors make charity a year-round priority. Angel Sauro, Confidential Aide to the Mayor for Bordentown Township, and Eve Ziegler organize many projects. If our Center is aware of a need, it does its best to fill that need. 
Many medical facilities throughout South Jersey request bingo prizes and wrapped gifts so they can distribute them among their patients when needed. Seniors who attend craft classes, donate many items, as well as money for projects. All other times they have donated material, supplies and their time crocheting lap robes and slippers for hospital bounds. They have
sewn stuffed dogs, which they donate to the fire and police departments to be given to children they find in distress. 



  1. Sponsor a student for Bordentown Township VFW State Project to Girls State
  2. Donation of Lap Robes and afghans to Continuing Care nursing home
  3. Every month collected canned goods, packaged goods and personal care items for St. Mary’s pantry
  4. Donated 40 filled back packs to the Peter Muschal School. We collected and donated tissues, and pads and pens for teachers.
  5. Packaged of powered drinks, hats, gloves, scarves for USO troops.
  6. Donated 100 fleece blankets to troops going oversees
  7. We made 40 filled Easter baskets for the Meals on Wheels program
  8. The club donated two gift cards to two students in the 8th grade for most improved to be given out at graduation.
  9. Joke Books donated and crafted by our seniors to the Sterling House.
  10. A donation of snacks, juice and money to the Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church for a program aimed to keep children 6-12 years old to keep them away from the streets
  11. We are currently collected 40 sand buckets and filling them with activity books, flash  cards, game cards, coloring books etc. to donate to the children in need.
  12. We continue to donate our time and service to every community event. We donate baked goods, hot chocolate and paper goods to events.


In the past we have make material bags filled with wish list items to the girl’s orphanage in Mt. Holly, we donated lap robes to the Vineland Veterans Hospital and the Warrior Unit. We have given sports equipment to the Boys Home in Mt. Holly. We have baked for them and had Valentine’s Day cards given to them that were collected from our club. We have collected baby goods, diapers, baby wipes food etc. for the Women’s Shelter, and collected personal items for the Emergency Services for Burlington County. We hand crafted stuffed dogs to give out to children that require an ambulance services as a gift to them. We have given to the Toys for Tots every year and so much more. We love giving back to the community!




The Bordentown Township Senior Citizens Group collected 20 filled “Buckets of Joy” that were distributed it to the less than fortunate students at Peter Muschal School on December 18th, 2013. The buckets were adopted by the seniors and then filled with coloring books, crayons, games, activity books and more. It is their way of giving during the season to the children that may have a less than perfect holiday. The colorful buckets were well received by Principal, Dan Riether.  The seniors that are shown in photograph is Eve Ziegler, Trustee of senior club , Chuck Klosinski, President of senior club, and Mae Hamilton, Active Member of the senior club.

PC170003.jpg PC170002.jpg
PC170004.jpg PC170005.jpg



Senior Outreach and Charity Information
Graduation - Bordentown Township Student - Gift cards donated to a sixth grader - one boy and one girl for the "most improved." 
Lap Robes and Joke Books
  • Hamilton Continuing Care, Hamilton
  • Vineland Veterans Home (30 handmade lap robes in 2012)
  • Woman's Home - Burlington
  • Alterra House - Florence
  • Genesis Center - Cinnaminson
  • Clare Estates - Bordentown City
  • Sterling House - Florence
  • Claire Estates - Bordentown City
  • Woman's Home - Burlington
Hats for Newborns
  • Lourdes Hospital Neonatal Unit - Willingboro
School Supplies
  • Children's Home - Mt. Holly
  • Peter Muschal "High Needs" Children - Bordentown Twp. (back packs to 40 Township Children)
Christmas Gifts
  • Toys for Tots
  • Special Items - Women's Home - Burlington
  • River View Estates - Riverton
  • Genesis Center - Cinnaminson
  • Children's Home - Mt. Holly (They received in-line skates, bike helmets, blankets, and tote bags with favorite items enclosed, along with personal items.)
  • Peter Muschal School - Jeans and PJ's
Small Craft Items and Dollar Store Gifts, and Candy for Bingo Winners
Genesis Center - Cinnaminson
  • Clare Estates - Bordentown
  • Northern Burlington High School - Prom- Door Prizes
Special Community Services
  • Donated Phone Cards to Service Men
  • Hats, gloves, scarves, toothpaste, toothbrushes, powdered drink mixes were all donated to our servicemen overseas; also donated sandwiches, cakes, and chips to McGuire Air Force Base for Valentine Day Project.
Food Donations
  • Catholic Charities - Delanco
  • Emergency Services - Delran and Willingboro Shelter
  • Hamilton Shelter (made sandwich deli trays)
  • St. Mary's Food Pantry - Bordentown (monthly contributions and special supplies donated)
Tote Bags
  • Area Churches
Easter Baskets
  • Area Churches
  • County Program Meals on Wheels
Community Events Contributions
  • Community Day
  • Volunteering in Kitchen
  • Decorating
  • Sign in Tables
  • Donate Items for Raffle
  • Providing Past Crafts for Decoration
  • Purchase all food for reimbursements
Social Activities
Some of the social activities are:
Motivational Exercise
Line Dancing
Embroidery/Crochet Classes
Wednesday - Board Games & Cards
Tap Dancing
Trip to Atlantic City
Group Luncheon
Dinner Party/or other activity
Covered Dish
Anniversary Luncheon
Christmas Luncheon
From Time-To-Time
Dinner Theater Trips
Trips to various states and sites (overnight)  

Bordentown Township Senior Citizens reach out to Community


The Bordentown Township senior Citizens Group collected 40 book bags for the children at Peter Muschal School that are in need of school supplies this year. They started in January with collecting an item a month up to August. They filled each bag with notebooks, rulers, pencils, scissors, crayons and so much more. The month of August is when they buy the book bags to place collected school supply items in to deliver. Many club members give donations for this charity outreach.

The delivery was on August 22, 2013. Three seniors were there to donate the adorable filled book bags that day. Their names are Mae Hamilton, Carol Panella and Charlotte Bullecks . The book bags were well warmly received by the Assistant Principal Robin Blue. 




Do you have questions about services for senior citizens? 
Not sure of what services you may be entitled to?

At the Burlington County Office on Aging, we have the answers you are looking for. Lorin Arruda, the Intake Social Worker, is available to speak to individuals or groups about all the senior services offered.

If you are interested in a presentation for your senior group, church group, or a group of friends, call Lorin at (609) 265-5069.

We look forward to serving you and connecting you with the services you need.



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The Bordentown Township Senior Citizen’s Group donated 30 filled Easter Baskets from their club to the Carlslake Community Center on March 21st, 2013 for the people  that had their lunch at the center.

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AAA Senior Driving Classes

Transient Crime - The Do's and Don'ts

Senior Citizen Cable Television Rate

Burlington County BCCAP Weatherization Program

RSVP - Retired and Senior Volunteer Program for Burlington County

A Little Bit of History

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