Tax Bills

1 Municipal Drive, Bordentown, NJ 08505
609-298-2800 Ext. 2106 —  FAX: 609-291-2105

Tax Bills:

  • Tax bills are due on a quarterly basis:  February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1
  • Tax bills are mailed once a year during the summer. 
  • Tax bills contain payment stubs for the third and fourth quarters of the current year and the first and second quarters of the following year. The due dates for each quarter are printed on the payment stubs of the bill.
  • There is no discount for prepayment. 
  • There is a ten (10) day grace period on these payments.
  • The Tax Assessor has the responsibility for establishing the value of each property in Bordentown Township which is the basis for each property owners property tax levy.


The quarterly stub and a self-addressed stamped envelope must accompany remittances requiring a receipt. Otherwise, it is acceptable to detach the appropriate stub to mail along with your check, and the canceled check will serve as your receipt.

Automated Tax Payments
For your convenience, we have the ability to initiate automatic debits from your account for the payment of tax bills. The payment will be processed approximately on the first of the month in which taxes are due. The payment will be automatically debited from the account that you have authorized and you will no longer need to worry about remembering to make the payment. In the event that the grace period is extended, the payment will be initiated approximately 10 days prior to the end of the grace period. You may call the office at 609-298-2800 x6 and request that we mail the authorization form to you. The form may also be downloaded by clicking here: ACH Authorization (PDF Format)

**A service charge will be assessed if the bank returns a check for any reason**

New Property Owners
We encourage new property owners to contact our office when a property is purchased to assure that we have all pertinent information so that tax bills are timely received. It often takes the County many months to notify our office of a change in ownership.  a property. 

  • New Owner Notification Form (PDF Format)
  • NJSA 54:4-64 states that failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the tax due; it is the property owner's responsibility to ascertain from the proper official (Tax Collector) the amount due. If you have recently purchased the property, or lost your bill, you should call the Tax Collectors Office to obtain the amount due, and request a copy of the bill.
  • You may look up and pay your property tax bill HERE.