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Rachel Fisher, CTC
Tax Clerk
609-298-2800 ext. 2106
[email protected] 

Laurie Finger, CTC/CMFO
Tax Collector
609-298-2800 ext. 5479
[email protected] 

1 Municipal Drive, Bordentown, NJ 08505
 FAX: 609-291-2105

The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for billing, collecting, reporting, and enforcing property taxes from Bordentown Township property owners. Information and questions regarding your tax assessment can be obtained from the Tax Assessor’s Office.


News & Notices from the Office of the Tax Collector

Tax Sale

To view Bordentown Township's Tax Sale list, please visit

The Township's Tax Sale will be November 21, 2022 for delinquent prior year Property Taxes, Water and Sewer charges. 

Anchor Property Tax Relief Update!

NJ ANCHOR program flyer. Due date is 12/30/22. ANCHOR is different than the Senior Freeze.

News about Property Tax Relief! New Jersey residents soon will receive filing information mailers for the 2019 ANCHOR (Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters) property tax relief program. The ANCHOR program replaces the Homestead Benefit program and expands the amount of property tax relief. It expanded eligibility to twice as many homeowners and includes tenants. The deadline for filing an ANCHOR application is Friday, December 30, 2022. Residents in Burlington County should have received their filing applications in the mail (or email if they requested a previous Homestead application via email) starting September 12. The online application, filing instructions, and paper applications can be accessed at The automated telephone filing system will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during the filing period at 1 (877) 658-2972. Applicants will choose to receive their benefits either as a check or direct deposit.

To be eligible, homeowners must have: Been a New Jersey resident; and Owned and occupied a home in New Jersey that was their principal residence (main home) on October 1, 2019; and Paid the 2019 property taxes on their main home; and Had 2019 New Jersey gross income of not more than $250,000.

To be eligible, tenants must have: Been a New Jersey resident; and Rented and occupied an apartment or residence in New Jersey that was their principal residence (main home) on October 1, 2019; and Lived in a unit with its own separate kitchen and bath facilities (if the building had more than one dwelling unit); and Paid rent on their main home, which was subject to local property taxes; and Had 2019 New Jersey gross income of not more than $150,000.

For more information, visit:
or call the ANCHOR hotline: 1-888-238-1233

Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) Deadline is October 31, 2022.

The Senior Freeze Program reimburses eligible senior citizens and disabled persons for property tax or mobile home park site fees increases on their main home. 
Eligible households have until October 31, 2022 to file for Senior Freeze. 

To qualify, residents must meet all the eligibility requirements for each year from the base year through the application year. 

For additional details, visit:

Tax Drop Box

We have a tax payment drop box located in the lobby of the municipal building for off hour payments. Only Checks are permitted to be dropped off in the box. If you require a receipt a self-addressed stamped envelope must be included with your payment. When dropping off payments please make sure your name and address in Bordentown are included with your payment. The drop box will be emptied every morning Monday-Friday when the offices are open. The lobby is open 24/7 and is under surveillance from the Bordentown Township Police Department. If you have questions please reach out to the tax office.

State Homeowner Preservation Finance Program: The State of New Jersey has a new program for homeowners who are looking to refinance in order to avoid foreclosure. The program is called THE HOMEOWNER PRESERVATION REFINANCE PROGRAM. For full details about the program you can or call 1-800-NJ-HOUSE. The agency will be able to direct you to various stages of all mortgage procedures.

The New Jersey Housing Mortgage Finance Agency has announced the "New Jersey HomeKeeper Program" funded thru a grant from United States Treasury's Hardest Hit Fund.  The program offers financial help to homeowners who are in danger of losing their home as a direct result of unemployment or underemployment.  It provides assistance in the form of a second mortgage loan whereby the proceeds may be used to cover arrearages and/or an approved amount of the homeowner's monthly mortgage payment, including property taxes, property insurance, and mortgage insurance.  Program details are available online at or the toll-free HomeKeeper call center at (855)-NJ-KEEP-1.   


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