Tax Sale

1 Municipal Drive, Bordentown, NJ 08505
609-298-2800 Ext. 2106  —  FAX: 609-291-2105


Each year, there is a Tax Sale for unpaid taxes and other municipal charges from the previous year. Tax Sale may take place anytime after April 1st for the prior calendar year taxes owed. A list is published in the newspaper for four weeks preceding the sale, and the cost of advertising is added to the delinquent amount owed. The amounts due, however, may be paid up to the date of the sale. If the delinquent accounts are not cleared, and the property goes into the sale, a lien is placed against the property. If the lien is picked up by the Township, foreclosure proceedings will begin six months from the date of the sale. If an outside buyer picks up the lien, he must hold it for two years from the date of sale before starting foreclosure proceedings. All liens must be paid by cash, certified check or money order.