Traffic Safety

Bordentown Township Traffic Safety Bureau

The Bordentown Township Traffic Safety Bureau is comprised of highly trained officers with various responsibilities. Members of the traffic safety bureau receive advanced training in crash investigation and crash reconstruction; officers respond and conduct investigations for all motor vehicle collisions involving fatalities and serious injuries. In addition to investigating motor vehicle collision the traffic safety bureau attempts to target traffic problematic areas from information received from statistical data obtained from crash reports, traffic surveys, officer’s observations, and citizen complaints. Officers direct enforcement efforts towards these areas by utilizing State and local township ordinances as they pertain to traffic laws.  Officers also attempt reduce the number of motor vehicle collisions, injuries, and fatalities by Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) enforcement. Officers have received additional training for DWI enforcement as well as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE).

The Traffic Safety Bureau is also responsible for deploying the Speed Monitoring Trailer. The department speed monitoring trailer is deployed in specific areas in order to monitor traffic volume and speeds. If you would like the trailer on your roadway, or have any other traffic related complaints please contact Lt. Nucera at (609) 298-4300 x 2134.

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