Tulip Tree


The Tulip Tree is a deciduous, spring flowering, shade tree that is native to Eastern North American

[Elementary School students]

Did you know?

What medical uses are associated with this tree?

The tree is used to treat fevers and indigestion. You can make tea from its inner bark. (https://solarbeez.com/category/tulip-tree/)

What is the tallest hardwood tree in Eastern North America?

This is the tallest hardwood tree in Eastern North America. (http://www.oplin.org/tree/fact%20pages/tulip_tree/tulip_tree.html)

What U,S. President planted these trees?

George Washington planted tulip trees at Mount Vernon which are now 140' tall.


Who used these trees to make their boats?

Daniel Boone used the wood of this tree for his 60' dugout canoe. The tree is often referred to as the “dugout tree”.


The tree is a food source for what insects and animals?

Bees make honey from the blossoms, and various wildlife eat the fruit and twigs. (http://www.oplin.org/tree/fact%20pages/tulip_tree/tulip_tree.html)



[Middle School students]

Habitat (where it likes to live)

Well drained soils in full sun and also in wet soils
Location: Eastern North America  (Zone 4 to 9)


Requirements (what it needs to live)

Water: Medium 
Maintenance: Low

Identification (what it looks like)

A tall (up to 90’) growing shade tree
The flowers are showy in the spring
The tree has good fall color

[High School students]

Habit (how it grows)

Height: 60 to 90 feet
Spread: 30 to 50 feet
Bloom Time: May to June 
Bloom Description: Yellow with orange band at the base of the leaf 
Sun: Full sun
Tolerate: Wet Soil, Air Pollution






Fall color


Suggested Use (where to plant it in the garden and landscape)

Street Tree – To provide shade for sidewalks and along the road
Residences – Good shade tree for homes and yards
Parks – Seth Hand Park


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