Warehouses and Distribution Centers


Warehouses and Distribution Centers:

The growth of e-commerce intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic has seen an expedited growth and evolution of the logistics industry resulting in an  ever-expanding need for land to accommodate warehouses and distribution centers. The Township is in an ideal geographical location for such uses due to its proximity to major interstates and highways.  The Master Plan has designated the southern portion of the Township primarily for such uses however, it was important that the Township review what areas of the Township permitted warehouses and distribution centers and be proactive in making any necessary changes to effectuate the goals of the Township Master Plan and its elements.

The Township's Planner for Special Projects (Heyer, Gruel and Associates ("HGA") made a presentation to the Township Committee on December 12, 2022 regarding the Township Master Plan especially as it relates to warehouses and distribution centers.  A bulleted summary of the presentation can be found in this memo.  Clicking on the thumbnail for each master plan element within the memo will redirect you to a copy of the element on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are warehouses and distribution centers permitted?

  • Warehouses and distribution centers are permitted uses only within the Township’s GC-I: General Commercial, GC-II: General Commercial and REO: Researching Engineering and Office (formerly MFG: Manufacturing) zoning districts.  They have been permitted in these zoning districts since at least the adoption of the 1990 Master Plan.

Where are the GC-I, GC-II and REO zoning districts located?

  • These zoning districts are primarily located in the southern portion of the Township between the intersections of US 130, US 206, I-95 and I-295. 

Have the boundaries of the GC-I, GC-II and REO zoning districts changed in recent years?

  • Yes.  In an effort to be proactive and in response to expanded pressures for land for warehouse and distribution centers the Township Committee introduced and adopted Ordinance #O-2022-06, which rezoned various properties in the southern end of the Township from GC-I, GC-II and REO to other zoning districts which do not permit warehouses and distribution centers.  The ordinance also amended the permitted uses located in these zoning districts to no longer permit warehouses and distribution centers from being located on properties with direct frontage on Route 130 and Route 206.

What effect did the passage of O-2022-06 have on the total area of the Township where such uses are permitted?

  • The Township of Bordentown is approximately 9.26 square miles or 5,926 acres.  Prior to 2022, the GC-I, GC-II and REO zoning districts comprised approximately 1,271 acres or 21.5% of the total land area of the Township as shown in Figure 1.  Ordinance #O-2022-06, which was based on recommendations set forth in several Master Plan elements reduced the area of the Township where such uses were permitted from 1,271 acres to 653 acres, representing a 49% reduction (21.5% to 11%) in land area.  The areas subject to these changes are shown in Figure 2.

What percentage of the Township land area currently has a warehouse/distribution center or similar industrial use on it or has approvals for the construction of such use?

  • Approximately 464 acres or 8% of the total Township land area has such a use located on it.

Are there properties located in the GC-I, GC-II and REO zoning districts which don’t currently have a warehouse or distribution center located on it and are unlikely to have such a use in the future?

  • Yes. There are several parcels which are either constricted via site access, in adequate site area, preserved farmland status, presence of wetlands, or due to presence of existing uses (e.g. truck stops) which are highly unlikely to be developed with such a use. This land area represents approximately 152 acres.

What percentage of the Township land area remains which may accommodate a warehouse/distribution center?

  • Approximately 35.93 acres or 1.0% of the Township total land area.  Figure 3 shows the areas which have been rezoned; the areas currently with an existing warehouse/distribution center or similar use; areas restricted due to size, access, etc.; and the areas which may accommodate a future warehouse/distribution center.

Will the Township seek to allow these uses in other portions of the Township?

  • No.  Allowing such uses in other portions of the Township is not permitted and is inconsistent with the current Township Master Plan.